Shafaqna Exclusive: The dirty politics on Kulbhoshan and certificate of Traitorship


Shafaqna Pakistan: In Pakistan, there was a time when Baloch and Pukhutun nationalists were labelled as traitors for emphasizing good ties with India. The trend changed with the passage of time and politicians started blame game on India accusing each other Indian agents. 

India has infact become a bench mark for patriotism and traitor-ship. In 1988 when Benazir Bhutto met with Rajiv Gandhi she was declared traitor by Nawaz Sharif’s opposition party. The time went on changing but the standard of traitor-ship did not change and Nawaz Sharif who once labelled Benazir Bhutto as traitor got the Label of ” Modi ka Yaar” and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in his political gathering chanted” Modi ka jo Yar hai, Ghadar hai Ghadar hai” . Though Asif Ali Zardari passed many soft statements in favor of India during his president ship.

The same accusation against Nawaz Sharif echoed in PTI’s public rallies and Imran Khan even blamed Nawaz Sharif for recruiting Raw agents in his sugar mills and after a tacit meeting between Indian steel tycoon Sajjan Jindal and Nawaz Sharif in Murree, the slogan of ” Modi ka Yar” echoed with full force in PTI’s and PPP’s public gathering. Thus now in Pakistan, even an attempt of normalization of ties with India falls in purview of traitor-ship which is indeed a dangerous trend.

Now the same opposition whose leader was once labelled as traitor for having soft corner for Moodi is chanting slogan of traitor-ship again Imran Khan for providing counsel access to Kulbhoshan Jhadav, the Indian spy. Opposition is blaming Imran Khan for providing NRO to Kulbhoshan. But one is helpless because this was same sowed by Imran Khan against Nawaz Sharif.

Ordinance in favor of Kulbhoshan  was needed to abide by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) judgement regarding Jadhav so India could be stopped from approaching the United Nations Security Council against Pakistan.If Pakistan does not do this as India wants so that they could approach the UNSC for bringing all kinds of resolutions, sanctions and declare Pakistan a rogue state.

Pakistan is bound to  follow ICJ decisions as a part of a comity of nations. If Pakistan had not promulgated this ordinance, then India could use Article 94 of UNSC and Article 60 of ICJ statute.Paragraphs 144-148 of the judgement showed that ICJ placed the obligation on the Pakistan to enact a law for effective review and reconsideration [of the case].

Thus what Government is doing is obligation of Government and opposition is very well aware of it but this is dirty politics and had there been PTI it would have done the same which Bilawal, Khawaja Asif or Ahsan Iqbal is doing. So it is time to stop this non-sense. yes India is Pakistan’s enemy, it was and it would but living in a comity of nations there are always certain obligations which are must to oblige.




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