Punjab Education Department Finalizes Strict SOPs For Schools Reopening


School Education Department in Punjab has finalized Coronavirus SOPs regarding the reopening of schools across the province following prevention of the virus spread among students and staff members.

Under the SOPs, the temperature of every student and staff member will be checked before allowing them to enter the school premises.

Schools will be responsible for ensuring the availability of hand sanitizers for all students and staff members.

All sorts of functions, ceremonies, and breaks will be prohibited under the SOPs as well.

Moreover, only 20 students will be permitted to sit in one classroom while only 2 students will be allowed to share a desk.

As per the SOPs, schools that are unable to ensure the previously mentioned SOP will be required to operate in two shifts.

Earlier on July 9, Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood had announced the reopening of all educational institutions in Pakistan under strict precautionary measures from 15 September.

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