A tribute to Imam Hussain (AS) 


Oh my Hussain (AS) you are the paragon of all emanating virtues living forever in my heart as your spirit resonates in the very depth of my holistic well being as I embrace you so instinctively

Your legacy has sent many a reverberation across every single nation universe land desert sea and mountain so instrincally

Not many have seen such divine love certitude and integrity because to fight against tyranny and oppression is not every man’s desire aim or objective

Your bravery strength and conviction exudes a lesson of an ever ascending enlightenment and equality regardless of one’s colour creed or faith complete and perfect for every perspective

To feel the power of your soul with loyalty deep innate goodness righteousness and morality only a very few can truly fathom

Euphrates still laments your name as your regal blood flows through the scorching heat of the chasmic planes of Karbala with you enveloped in every earthly atom

There are no words which can describe the heinous barbarity and bloodshed that you have had to endure to safeguard the true essence of your noble grandfather’s message against all manner of despotic flagrant treachery

Despite being inhumanely savaged and mauled with infinite arrows and unbearable atrocities both thirsty and hungry yet still your patience never wore thin for you are an esteemed plenipotentiary

You stood majestically with the power of your faith and dignity whilst your precious head severed and butchered with the sword of the evil tyrant I wonder if he ever had remorse for his perpetual crimes of such insane profanity with not an iota of humanity

The truth will inevitably reign and prevail with the ultimate sacrifice beheading murder and maiming despite the pain and calamity of your tragedy this will always be undoubtedly a victory and test for us all to excel in our esoteric spirituality

I have always assimilated your transcendental & illuminating Prophetic message from the day I was born till now you will always be my devotion intuitive conscience and phenomenal inspiration

Oh my Hussain (AS) eternal and alive as an all prominent revolutionary martyr you are deeply embedded in my mind body and soul I will endlessly yearn and long for you to be my everlasting courage protection and magnanimous justice orientation

Syeda Shaheena Bibi