Can PDM topple Government before December? Shafaqna Exclusive


As the opposition is gearing up for street agitation, speculations have been made about the dismissal of the Government. Political pundits and analysts are of the view that if opposition movement gained momentum it may sent PM Khan’s unpopular Government packing. One should also not forget that whenever there is any anti-Government movement, it always have some backing from the establishment and no movement without external help proved successful in the history of Pakistan. 

On the other han Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman issued a new warning to the government, stating that it will “not see December” as the Opposition’s Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) braces to oust the incumbent government from its first power show on Friday. However the much touted public gathering at Gujranwala on October 16 will show that whether PDM has potential to oust Government or not.

Meanwhile  PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz claimed that the PTI government would be successfully ousted by January. This was just a few days before the opposition was scheduled to hold its first power show in a campaign aimed at ousting the government. On the other hand the PTI government has so far not made any direct attempt to cause hindrances in the PDM’s plans but if their actions during the JUI-F’s ‘Azadi March’ last year, where containers were placed on roads to block the procession, is any indication, some blockages can be expected.

While Gujranwala’s local administration is yet to give permission for the rally, the opposition parties have already decided on a plan of action if law enforcement agencies are used to obstruct them by encouraging their workers, wherever they may be on the day to block roads. This would be a disastrous outcome and the government would receive most if not all of the blame if something untoward were to happen. However, it seems the government is looking towards another strategy to force PDM into delaying its plans: Covid-19 infections.

Now the question is that can PDM oust Imran Khan? It is a million dollar question. Definitely it would not be possible in ordinary circumstance but in past few years the Government has miserable failed to deliver. The people have been crushed under sheer inflation. Economy is sinking and people are losing their jobs. The number of people living below poverty line are increasing day by day. In such a situation where Government has become highly unpopular among masses, PDM can be a massive threat which would otherwise not if Government had delivered something. Thus the fear is real and looming.

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