Second wave of Corona: Are Pakistanis seem unconvinced? Shafaqna special


Pakistan’s coronavirus outbreak is surging again with authorities imposing new “mini, smart lockdowns” to prevent a second wave of infections as winter approaches and Pakistanis increasingly flout social distancing and mask-wearing precautions. Daily infection rates have recently doubled over tallies recorded in August, with 615 new cases reported on October 14. At least 6,600 Pakistanis have died from the virus, with another 518 patients currently in critical condition, according to government statistics.

Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted earlier this month that cold winter weather could cause a second spell of the pandemic. He warned the people to use face masks in public to avoid infections. However Pakistanis still seem unconvinced with the situation and not taking govt warnings as serious as they took when Corona started in Pakistan. Underscoring the severity of the disease’s recent surge, Chief Minister of Balochistan province has tested positive for the virus and his currently in quarantine, he revealed over social media yet Pakistani people are not serious about the disease.

Pakistan’s Health Ministry has issued directives for the masses on how to protect themselves from the coronavirus. The government has urged people to avoid public gatherings, wash hands regularly and keep a distance from the virus patients.

Despite these public messages, which are being propagated through mainstream media, many people in Pakistan seem to ignore the instructions. Poverty is rampant in the country, with many people unable to make ends meet. They view the coronavirus as the least of their problems. Sindh province and Pakistan-administered Kashmir have both been hit hard by the new outbreak, prompting the authorities to reimpose partial and full lockdowns in areas to contain local transmission of disease.Mini smart lockdowns have been imposed in Karachi, Islamabad and Azad Kashmir.

Despite several warnings, Pakistani nation does not seem serious to adopt protective measures. Pakistan democratic movement has vehemently denied to stage protests despite Government’s request. Similarly PML-N stages protest in Swat despite surge in Coronavirus cases. Similarly the entire nation is neither serious nor ready to adopt precautionary measures despite several deaths. So far, Pakistan have lost over 7,000 lives to Coronavirus. How many more deaths will it take to convince Pakistanis that COVID is real!

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