Saudi Arabia arrests four other activists in Qatif


Shafaqna Pakistan: Saudi security forces have arrested four other Qatif activists in the Shia city of Al-Awamiyah in recent days.

A few days ago, Saudi security forces, consisting of the Public Investigation Forces and the State Security Service, brutally raided a residential apartment in the northern city of Awamiyah, arresting Fadel Al-Safwani, a prominent human rights activist, along with three other activists in the area.

In the last hours of the last day of 2020, Saudi intelligence and security forces raided their apartment and arrested them and took them to an unknown place. Fadel Al-Safwani was among those pursued by Saudi security forces for participating in anti-government protests. In addition to Fadel Al-Safwani, “Javad Abdullah Al-Qariris” and “Ali HassanAal-Safwani”, Fadel Al-Safwani’s brother, were arrested and taken to an unknown location.

The arrests came as Saudi security and intelligence forces raided their homes in Awamiyah and Tārūt Island, during which Saudi forces surrounded the area with armored vehicles and arrested them. It is worth mentioning that these people have been persecuted by the Saudi forces under the pretext of participating in the peaceful demonstrations in 2011.

Source: Shafaqna English