Maryam inventing a new lie every day: Firdous


Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said on Wednesday that Daska voters have defeated the PML-N and Maryam would take time to regain senses.

“It is astounding that Maryam stages her theatre of deceit and lies every day while inventing a new false claim to hoodwink the masses. It seems that Maryam Safdar is an expert of lies marketing but she has forgot that her claims have damaged the national interests by making the institutions controversial. Regrettably, Maryam is in fact trying to gain the support of Narendra Modi to promote his anti-Pakistan agenda, Firdous said.

These views were expressed by the Special Assistant to CM while addressing a press conference at Alhamra Mall Road here on Wednesday. Dr Firdous regretted that Maryam has invented a new falsehood by attaching institutions with the election.

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