Preparing Masjid Al-Haram for Ramadhan 2021


Shafaqna Pakistan: Saudi officials announce precautionary measures against Corona for limited pilgrims to the sacred House of God during Ramadhan.

Saudi officials have announced health measures for worshipers of Masjid Al-Haram during Ramadhan. Accordingly, the Masjid Al-Haram will be cleaned 10 times a day using 60,000 liters of disinfectant. Also, 30 thermal cameras will measure the fever of the pilgrims of the House of God during Ramadhan.

After the Umrah Hajj resumed after seven months in October, pilgrims were forced to register through a government program to participate in the Umrah. The officials of the Holy Mosque announced the intensified measures for the Month of Ramadhan.

According to the officials, it is mandatory for pilgrims to observe social distance and wear protective face masks. There are special prayer areas for people with disabilities and Iftar food is provided to worshipers who go to the mosque for Maghrib prayers.

Saudi officials are also resuming distributing Zamzam water bottles to pilgrims. On the other hand, the Saudi Mosque Affairs Organization announced that it will continue to inspect Mosques to ensure safety measures are observed. More than 167,000 mosques have been inspected so far, state media reported.

Saudi Arabia reported 531 new cases of the Coronavirus and seven deaths on Sunday, bringing the total number of Corona deaths in the country to 6,650. The Saudi Ministry of Health says more than 4 million doses of the Corona vaccine have been injected into Saudi citizens so far.

Cancellation of Ramadan Iftar and Iʿtikāf ceremonies in Masjid Al- Haram

In a statement, the head of the Masjid Al-Haram and Al-Masjid An-Nabawi announced that the holding of a mass Iftar ceremony at the Masjid al-Haram during Ramadan will be banned for the second year in a row this year, and this decision was taken as last year to fight the Coronavirus.

According to Saudi officials, pilgrims to Masjid al- Haram will receive personal Iftar packages. They can also bring some dates for their Iftar; However, bringing dates and food into the Mosque for distribution among worshipers is forbidden. Earlier, Saudi officials announced health measures during Ramadhan and the resumption of the distribution of Zamzam water bottles among pilgrims.

The staff of Masjid Al-Haram and Al-Masjid An-Nabawi are required to receive the vaccine during Ramadhan

The Director General of Masjid Al- Haram and Al-Masjid An-Nabawi stressed that the entry of staff and servants into the two holy shrines and the building of the head office of these holy places during Ramadhan is conditional in receiving the anti-corona vaccine. “Abdul-Rahman Al-Sudais” stressed the importance of receiving vaccines by all staff in these places in order to ensure the health of all and the health of pilgrims and to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19.

Source: Shafaqna English


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