Russian FM visit to Pakistan and chainging paradiagms: Shafaqna Exclusive


Russia’s foreign minister arrived Tuesday in Pakistan for a two-day visit expected to focus on efforts to bring peace to neighboring Afghanistan. Sergey Lavrov’s visit comes as a May 1 deadline for US troops to leave Afghanistan in line with a deal Washington signed a year ago with the Taliban seems increasingly unlikely.

The US has accelerated efforts to get a peace deal for Afghanistan but is also seeking a three-to-six month extension on the troop withdrawal deadline amid repeated statements from President Joe Biden that America wants to end its longest war. That’s according to officials familiar with the talks who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to discuss the negotiations.

The countries are now shifting from a brief homopolar era, which initially began after the collapse of the Soviet Union, to a multipolar situation, permitting nations to cautiously select new partners or allies and set new strategies.  In this view, Pakistan and Russia have come into a communally beneficial correlation, which is shortly to place tone for regional geopolitics also. From the enemies of the Cold War to friends at present, both Pakistan and Russia have come a long way. The innovative realism of the region and the world are changing, and both nations have understood the revolutionary challenges.

Interestingly, the relations between Pakistan and Russia are viewed differently by the international community because whenever Pakistan attempt to establish ties with Russia, its relations with the United States begin to deteriorate and if Pakistan does the opposite, its relations with Russia are affected.The importance of Mr Lavrov’s visit to Pakistan can be gauged from the coverage it is receiving in the media of our eastern neighbour. In the past few years, engagements between Islamabad and Moscow witnessed a thaw owing to rapidly changing geostrategic realities. The two sides will be holding delegation-level talks to review the bilateral relationship.

As the integration of Europe and Asia will change the fate of both Russia and China, Pakistan will also be affected by the newly emerging geopolitical landscape. After all, Islamabad stands to be in the centre of those rare moments in history when the political and economic axis of the world is shifting. It is time for Pakistan to realign its foreign policy according to chaning world.

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