Why some types of people are not suitable for socialising?

by Tauqeer Abbas

Shafaqna Pakistan: It is narrated from the sixth Shia Imam, Ja’afar Al-Sadeq (AS) who said: There are five characteristics that if they do not exist or even one of them is missing in a human being, that person is not suitable for socialising and companionship at all, and such a person is not worthy in this regard. These five characteristics are:

Loyalty; (there is a problem with the humanity of a disloyal person.)
Discretion; (having consideration for others, prudence, good sense of judgment in various situations.)
Modesty; (it is a bad day when modesty is taken away from the human being and the society.)
Good behaviour; (being good nature.)
A characteristic which include all other above-mentioned characteristics, and that is to be a free and fair person; believing in freedom of the human beings [1].
[1] Khisal, Sheikh Sadooq (RA), Vol. 2, Page 248.

Source: Shafaqna English

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