What were the most significant differences between the two sides in the event of Karbala?

by Tauqeer Abbas

According to the Islamic wisdom anyone who is the follower of the Quran and Itrah Tahera (AS) [Ahlul Bayt (AS)] of the Prophet (PBUH) cannot pay allegiance to someone like Yazid ibn Moawiyah ibn Abu Sufyan and choose him as the leader; because there are two different philosophy and methods of living stand against one another and it is not possible that oppression and justice, good and bad, truth and falsehood, disbelief and belief can gather together.

In this regard, the third Shia Imam, Hussain ibn Ali (AS) said: We are the Ahlul Bayt of Nubuwwah (AS) and the source of prophethood, we are those who the angels descended to our family, God started the world with us and will end it with us. Yazid is corrupt and drinks wine (alcohol); he is the murderer of the innocent people, he commits immoral acts in public. A person like me will never pay allegiance to Yazid [1].

Imam Hussain (AS) considered acceptance of Yazid’s Caliphate as destroying the efforts of all the prophets (AS) from Adam (AS) to Mohammad (PBUH). Imam (AS) as the inheritor of all the Prophets (AS) must rise against disbelief (Kofr) which has shown itself in the framework of Islam, and to save true Islam from any kind of distortion.

That is why, Imam Hussain (AS) said: At the time when the society and the people get caught with a ruler like Yazid, must say goodbye to Islam and being a Muslim [2]. Therefore, the philosophy of Imam Hussain’s (AS) uprising teaches us that we must be aware and do not allow those who sell their religion and the hypocrites (Monafiqs) falsify the realities of Islam and shape our way of life according to their satanic wishes.

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Source: Shafaqna English

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