Petrol prices up by Rs14.91 per litre, diesel by Rs18.44 per litre

by Tauqeer Abbas

The caretaker government has increased the prices of petroleum products, Dunya News reported on Friday.

According to the new prices, the prices of petrol has increased by Rs14.91 per litre, and now the new prices of petrol is Rs305.36 per litre, the prices of diesel has increased by Rs18.44 per litre and the new prices of diesel is Rs311.84 per litre.

The new prices of petroleum have added fuel to the injuries of already poverty-stricken masses.

Fuming power consumers now face another inflation bomb pounded by the caretakers in a very short time of their rules.

Earlier, the caretaker government had increased the price of petrol by Rs17.50 per litre.

The petrol price is now unprecedented in the history of the county, taking the inflation to an upward trajectory.

Source: Dunya News 

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