Will Indian held kashmir’s special status be restored? MS Akhter

by Tauqeer Abbas

The Supreme Court of India has called the restoration of democracy in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir as important and has asked the Modi government to provide a roadmap and time frame for restoring the statehood of the occupied valley and holding elections there.

On the other hand, China declared Arunachal Pradesh as a part of China’s autonomous region of Tibet in the standard map of the country issued at the official level, while India has registered a protest to the Chinese side on this map.

In fact, the Indian people are also giving a decade that Modi’s wrong policies did not leave India anywhere, at this time the important question is whether Modi will throw India into the fuel of the emerging global conflict of the superpower?

In fact, China has responded to Modi’s brutality because China considers Arunachal Pradesh to be part of southern Tibet, after the partition of India based on old maps, China has recognized a large part of Arunachal Pradesh adjacent to Tibet and an unclear part of northeastern Ladakh. Border areas have been declared as their part.

On the other hand, the Modi government had fought a big battle by dividing the state of Jammu and Kashmir by ending its semi-autonomy and making it an Indian state, but the serious consequences are now coming to light. They are very disappointing for Indian political parties and politicians themselves.

India is committing genocide of Kashmiris by following the Israeli model, although this plan of the BJP government of India came to light in 2014 to take steps to change the proportion of the population in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Look at how Israel is establishing residential settlements in Palestinian territories to accommodate Jewish settlers.

The plan to change the population ratio in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir was implemented when the Indian government made constitutional amendments in the Indian Parliament on August 5, 2019, abolishing the statehood of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, which was approved by the United Nations. Announced the integration of the disputed state into India.

Under this plan, the Indian government started the steps to establish special settlements for Hindus in Occupied Kashmir and bring people from Indian areas to settle in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, thousands of acres of land were taken into government custody in the name of establishing industrial zones in Occupied Kashmir so that big industrialists of India could set up factories there and bring a large number of people from India to work in these factories. And they should also be permanently settled in Occupied Kashmir.

After Modi came to power for the second time, what is happening to Muslims and other minorities in India is in front of everyone, they are being brutally crushed. In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, this fanatical Hindutva politics also showed its colors, where the BJP got a lot of religious support in Jammu, where the Hindu majority resides, and the voters there closed their eyes in the name of Hinduism. Raised the BJP flag.

In this way, he was shown a dream that the Chief Ministership of the state would come to his hands and the Muslim majority would be gradually eliminated and the entire state would be converted into a Hindu majority state. The Dogars, the Paharis and other small and large Hindu communities and the Sikhs made the BJP successful in Jammu by falling into this trap.

Similarly, in 2022, the Government of India authorized the Revenue Officers of Occupied Jammu to issue residence certificates to all those who have resided in Jammu city for more than one year for their inclusion in the ongoing Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls. Entry can be made easier. The District Election Officer and Deputy Commissioner, Jammu, issued an order to include in the voter lists such residents who have been residing in Jammu for one year and on September 15 of the same year for registration of new voters, deletion, correction and voter registration. A special summary review of electoral rolls was initiated for the change.

Its purpose is to increase the seats of Jammu in the state assembly so that the non-Muslim majority region of Jammu dominates the assembly seats of the Muslim-majority region of the Kashmir Valley in the state assembly and establishes a ‘BJP’ government in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir Assembly. can go. Through this process, 20 to 25 lakh new voters have been registered in Jammu and 6 seats have been added to the assembly seats of Jammu.

Ladakh has now been separated from Kashmir by taking direct control of India. Efforts were made to create a rift between Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims living in Jammu and Kashmir, which is proving unsuccessful. Apart from the language, color and caste, Kashmiris still maintain a strong presence here.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir take pride in being connected to their Kashmiriness. Today, the people of Jammu are starting to realize that they made a big mistake and fell into the trap of Hinduism and cut off from their unity and now the Indian rulers are turning them from a majority to a minority in their area. .

After the annexation of Jammu and Kashmir, its identity is being taken away so that it can be proved as a Hindu-majority area by bringing people of different nationalities and cultures from India to settle here. August 5, 2019 was the dark day when India ended the special status of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir by trampling international laws under its feet.

This move to convert the Occupied Valley into 2 Union Territories effectively divided the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two pieces. Fearing public backlash, India immediately imposed a curfew in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. On the one hand deployed 350,000 additional forces and on the other arrested all important and pro-movement leadership and active youth. The aim of this move was to avoid the reaction of Kashmiris who were struggling for freedom from the domination.

In order to strengthen its grip on Occupied Kashmir, the occupying government is engaged in political engineering, establishment of new illegal settlements, socio-economic and economic murder, attempt to distort culture, ban on media, disrespect for law, etc.

The administration has been given additional powers to further harass the public with the help of the state investigation agency SIA. India is conducting false and fake operations and contests to defame the local characters of Kashmir’s freedom struggle.

The dead bodies of the martyred youths in the fake competition are neither handed over to their families nor allowed to be cremated.

Chemical and heavy weapons are used by the occupying forces during siege and search operations. Apart from this, it has become normal for Indian forces to use human beings as shields in Occupied Kashmir. Human rights activists and journalists are being targeted and arrested every day.

It is worth noting that according to Article 370, India can revoke this article only with the approval of the Constituent Assembly of the Occupied State of Jammu and Kashmir. The puppet Constituent Assembly of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir was dissolved in 1957, so the abrogation of this article by a unilateral decision without the consent of the Constituent Assembly of Occupied Kashmir is illegal.

Kashmir is not an integral part of India so any unilateral decision will be illegal, also since Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory according to UN resolutions, so it can never become a part of India, this is true in coming days. The eyes of Kashmiris and the world are fixed on the decision of the Indian Supreme Court, surely the victory will be for justice and justice.

Kashmiris, who have been fighting for their survival for 76 years, have sacrificed 150,000 lives, but they are not tired, nor are they discouraged. Happily, the people of Jammu and Kashmir have united to restore their former status, surely the time is not far when they will be successful in their struggle.

Shafaqna Pakistan


Note: Shafaqna do not endorse the views expressed in the article 


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