Why Are There Adversities in Life?

by Tauqeer Abbas

Many of the problems and adversities are necessary in the system of the world.

We can have one of these two views about the world: Either there is a system and an order or there is chaos dominating the world.

If we accept there is a system and an order, then we should also accept the fact that the adversities and calamities happen for a reason.

When you analyze every event, you’ll see a number of causes have led to that event. For example the roof of a house has collapsed and we identify a number of causes:

1- Children were playing and they kicked the ball. The ball fell on the roof.

2- The ball stopped at the water spout and blocked it.

3- It started to rain and water pooled on the roof because the water spout was blocked.

4- The water made the roof wet.

5- The roof collapsed and a number of people were killed.

According to the principle of cause and effect, these event had to happen.

If you are among those who believe there is a system and order in the world, you should inevitably accept the fact that this incident had to happen. Otherwise, you should imagine a world where there is no law and chaos reigns.

In the incident mentioned above, everything should have defied ordinary rules in order for that incident not to happen:

1- The ball should have become so heavy that it could not reach the root.

2- Kicking the ball should have led to no movement.

3- The water spout should have grown in size by itself so that the ball could not block it.

4- Everything that leads to rain should have stopped so that there would be no rain.

5- Water should have lost its property of making things wet.

6- The earth’s gravity should have stopped working.

7- The bodies of those who were under the roof at the time of collapse should have been hard as iron so that they would not be killed.

As you can see, if we advocate the existence of a system and order in the world and believe in the principle of cause and effect, we would concede that such incidents are inevitable in a natural life and denying their existence requires breaking tens of laws that God, the All-Wise, has placed in the world.

Source: IQNA

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