Iraq dismantles “dangerous” terrorist network targeting Arbaeen processions

by Tauqeer Abbas

The Iraqi National Intelligence Service has dismantled a “dangerous” terrorist network in a large-scale operation in Baghdad.

The agency’s statement described the operation as “one of the most successful intelligence operations,” noting that it led to the apprehension of a network planning to execute suicide bombings targeting various populated areas including Arbaeen processions, police stations, security checkpoints, and public markets in the Iraqi capital.

The statement explained that the operation was connected to a previous maneuver conducted on February 26, 2023, in collaboration with the Counter-Terrorism Service. The February operation had resulted in the neutralization of 22 extremist fighters in the Anbar desert, west of the country, and had set the stage for identifying new targets and unveiling the now-dismantled network.

Source: shafaq , Shafaqna English

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