PK 661 crash: Four Important questions need to be answered?



The investigation of any aircrash be it fatal or otherwise, large or small and wherever it happens in the world is slow, painstaking and complex.

  The PK-661 flight was internal and it is now for the Safety Investigation Board to conduct the investigation, the first it has carried out since it became independent of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


In the initial inquiry, it was revealed that the plane PK-661 had three flights that day which raises many questions.


Is there no SOP to fly a plan three times a day??


Did the accident occurred due to the over usage of plane?


If the plane’s engine was fit for flight then why was it unable to reach the destination on the way?


If the plane was faulty and not airworthy, why it was allowed to fly?


There are many more questions that need to be answered, however, sufferings of the relatives who died in the tragic accident cannot be healed. Earlier, according to the sources, it was revealed that the PIA staff had issued a fitness certificate for the flight PK-661 before it took off.