Jeremy Corbyn’s support: An emphatic victory of Pakistan’s diplomacy



The chief of Britain’s main opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, has come out in support of Pakistan and urged the world to respect the country.


In an interview to BBC Urdu, Mr Corbyn said it was not the responsibility of Pakistan alone to fight terrorism because the world as a whole needed to beat off the “collective challenge”.


Asked to comment on Donald Trump’s recent allegations that Pakistan offered safe havens to “agents of chaos”, the top leader of the Labour Party seemed to differ with the US president. “Pakistan is a country which should be treated respectfully. It should not be criticised from the outside,” he said.



So, what Mr Corbyn said during the interview seemed to be in line with what Pakistan had stated in response to Mr Trump’s speech.



“Every country should play its role to bring an end to terrorism. This [theory] should be applied to every country in the world,” he said in response to a question about the efforts required on the part of Pakistan to fight terrorists.



“I don’t even support President Trump’s policy to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan. It reflects their failure. The Afghan crisis can be solved only politically.”



Corbyan’s statement reflects the stance of the Pakistan on Afghanistan and also Pakistan’s reaction to the Trump’s new Afghanistan policy.


Where India was quite jubilant over Trump’s new Afghanistan policy and strong warning to Pakistan, most of the Political analysts termed it a failure of Pakistan’s foreign policy. However the statement of Jeremy Corbyan a strong opposition leader and probably the next Premier of UK, has left the world including India into trouble and appeared as an emphatic victory of Pakistan’s diplomacy.