Pakistan is Among Bottom 5 Countries for Education & Skills Development


According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Human Capital Report 2017 report, Pakistan clearly isn’t the best country for acquiring education and skills development.


In fact, it is ranked 125th out of a total of 130 countries according to the report.

The rankings were based on the country’s educational infrastructure and how well they perform when it comes to learning and skill development.

The Grading Schema

The grading schema for the countries comprised of four sub-indexes namely: capacity, deployment, development and know-how. Each country was scored out of 100 based on these categories.

The report consisted of a detailed analysis of the human capital of 130 countries. The human capital is the value contributed to the global economic system through knowledge and skills that people possess.

The report emphasized on the importance of building deep and diverse talent pools that would result in developing a country’s economy. It also recognized people’s knowledge, talents, creativity and skills.

In light of the research made following the above mentioned criteria, Pakistan clearly isn’t doing much to strengthen its human capital.

Reasons For Stagnant Human Capital Potential In Pakistan

According to the report, factors holding back human capital potential in Pakistan are:

  • low rates of enrollment
  • poor-quality primary schools
  • low skill diversity among the country’s university graduates when compared to other countries
  • Gender gap that that holds the country back from human capital being employed.

Sri Lanka, The Only South Asian Country To Rank In Top 100

Sri Lanka landing on the 70th position is the only South Asian country to have been ranked in the top 100 countries in the report. One benefit for Sri Lanka is perhaps its high enrollment rate in schools and better quality education.

Nepal stood on the 98th rank, while India and Bangladesh were ranked 103 and 111 respectively.

Pakistan, along with all other South Asian countries apart from Sri Lanka are yet to reach the 60% threshold of human capital development.

The list was led by Norway, which ranks as the best-performing country in the world when it comes to the training and education of its population.

Other countries to make it to the top 10 include Finland, Switzerland, the United States, Denmark, and Germany.