The United States and Russia rejected the request of Israel to keep Iran far from the Syrian border



Haaretz urged Russia and the United States to refrain from any ceasefire agreement in Syria with the presence of Iran or its united troops in southern Syria near the occupied Palestinian state.


Israel raised this demand during talks that took place before the July ceasefire agreement, which has been faced with Russia’s opposition.


Senior Israeli Cabinet ministers refer to the US-Russia deal on Syria as a strategic failure of the highest level. “The United States threw Israel under the bus for the second time in a row.


The first time was the nuclear agreement with Iran, the second time is now that the United States ignores the fact that Iran is obtaining territorial continuity to the Mediterranean Sea and Israel’s northern border. What is most worrisome is that this time, it was President Donald Trump who threw us to the four winds — though viewed as Israel’s great friend. It turns out that when it comes to actions and not just talk, he didn’t deliver the goods.”

Israel has asked for a the creation of a buffer area in southern Syria, 60 to 80 kilometers from the Golan Heights, which leads westward to the road connecting Damascus to the city of Al-Suwida in southwest Syria.



According to Haaretz, the Russians agreed that the Iranians and their allied forces should stay at least 5 kilometers away from the border lines of Israeli regime.