UAE ambassador to Ankara threatens Turkey to close down its embassy



Twitter account “Jeel al-Hurriyyah w-al-tanwir” [Generation of liberty and enlightenment” , published a document in which the Emirati ambassador highlighted the reasons behind the increased tension between the UAE and Turkey.

According to this document Khalifah Shahin al-Marar, the UAE ambassador to Turkey, in a letter to the Turkish ministry of foreign affairs, highlighted the five main reasons, behind the differences between the two countries, in order of importance:

1-      Their different positions and policies vis a vis the Qatari crisis.


2- Turkey accusing the Emirates of being complicit in the Turkish coup d’etat, which was committed by Turkish officials.


3- The competition between Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Istanbul in tourism and transit.


4- Erdogan’s and the AKP’s Muslim Brotherhood affiliations which have generated distrust between the two countries.


5- The “Ottomanism” of Turkish officials and their attempts to revive the Ottoman empire in an effort to control Arab countries.


It’s been said that the? Emirati ambassador has proposed that threatening Turkey with the closing of the Emirati embassy would serve as a solution for these tensions.