Is Ch.Nisar still cosying up banned terrorist outfits ?

by Tauqeer Abbas


 Following back-and-forth revealed deep-rooted issues between the PML-N top brass. It turns out that most of the senior minister’s in Nawaz’s cabinet were not even on talking terms.




And while there are differences aplenty, Nisar never went along too well with anyone except Shahbaz Sharif and, to an extent, Nawaz. Now, he has issues with practically every ministry just when the government is engineering a crucial foreign and security policy overhaul.



The initiative about banned outfits has been received well at home and abroad. Nisar’s criticism, in fact, seemed more in cue with arguments of “enemies of Pakistan” he is always so concerned about. Or perhaps he’s uneasy because a reset would radically depart from his own policy of accommodating, even hosting, some of the banned outfits?




And the mysterious threat to the country that only four people know about should be, like the present interior minister said in the House, explained before parliament. Ch Nisar has had his say. Now he must take responsibility and walk the talk or stop attacking the government.



Though Nisar is a man long reported to have close ties with suspect outfits. And here we aren’t referring to possible fashion missteps. This was something that the Supreme Court-backed Quetta inquiry commission on terrorism raised, pointing out that a government minister had no business consorting with leaders of banned groups such as Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), Millat-i-Islamia and Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ).



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