Iraqi militia ‘will fight wherever Iran’s Syed Khamenei wants’

by Tauqeer Abbas


A Shia militia in Iraq has said that it is ready to fight wherever Iran’s Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei wants it to, reported on Friday. Al-Nujaba is part of the Popular Mobilisation Forces, a state-sponsored umbrella body of around 40 militias in Iraq.



Senior commander Akram Al-Ka’bi revealed the group’s readiness during a speech in Iran. “The resistance groups in Iraq are fighting under the leadership of Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei and are ready to fight wherever and whenever he wants against the takfirists and terrorists.” Al-Ka’bi pointed out that Iraqi fighters have supported the forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad over the past few years.


Al-Nujaba is reckoned to have around 8,000 fighters and maintains good relations with Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia. It is regarded as one of the largest groups within the Popular Mobilisation Forces and is the most prominent Iraqi Shia militia to have fought alongside the Assad regime in Syria.


Independent observers confirm their belief that the militia serves the interests of Iran in the region.


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