In hot waters: Is Nawaz Sharif going to make Ishaq Dar a scapegoat?



Finance Minister Ishaq Dar pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to owning assets beyond his means, an official from the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz said, amid a corruption investigation into former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.



The Supreme Court in July disqualified Nawaz for not declaring a small source of income and ordered an investigation of the ruling family and Dar.

Dar did not speak to the media after his appearance in court in Islamabad but has dismissed all the allegations against him.



Issuing copies of the reference and other material, Judge Muhammad Bashir on Monday said, “The court intends to conduct daily hearings in the reference, so that the trial is concluded within the stipulated time of six months.”



Nawaz has also denied any wrongdoing and has been critical of the judiciary, calling the corruption proceedings against him a conspiracy.



Dar was credited with steering the country’s economy to a sounder footing following a 2013 balance of payments crisis but over the past year those economic gains have begun to erode, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and analysts.


It is interesting that Ishaq Dar has been indicted in the corruption case which Nawaz and his family is already facing. Some sources have also claimed that Ishaq Dar was the front man of Nawaz and his family in maintaining Ex-Prime Minister’s accounts and dealing in all business activities.


There are opinions that Nawaz who is facing corruption charges in NAB court may use Ishaq Dar as escape goat in last resort by shifting all the burden on the shoulders of Ishaq Dar.