Is Khawja Asif trying to appease US at the cost of national interests?



Khawaja Asif, who is attending the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, had said, “Nawaz Sharif paid a political price for peace efforts with India,” during his talk at the Asia Society forum on Tuesday.



Earlier on Tuesday, Asif had asked the US to stop blaming Pakistan for the Haqqani Network and for the Hafiz Saeeds [referring to the head of banned Jamaatud Dawa].



Further clarifying Islamabad’s position, Asif had said: “It is very easy to say Pakistan is floating the Haqqanis and Hafiz Saeed and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). They are liabilities. I accept that they are liabilities, but give us time to get rid of them because we don’t have the assets to match these liabilities and you are increasing them [our liabilities] further.”



Earlier this month, following the BRICS nations’ “regional security concern” over the militant groups allegedly based in Pakistan, Asif had acknowledged the existence of such organisations, naming LeT and the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) among the internationally banned outfits operating from within Pakistan.



All the statements of Khawaja Asif show that he is trying to appease US and attempting to show that Prime Minister of Pakistan had been removed for having a peace process with India which means that security agencies did not like this.


He also said that Hafiz Saeed and Haqqani networks are liabilities which mean that it is security intelligence that is feeding them against the will of political powers.


Infact Khawaja Asif tried to convey to the world that Pakistan’s security establishment is reason for all the ills and Nawaz Sharif tried to block their way that’s why he was punished.