Would new CJP annul decision against Nawaz Sharif?


The apex court’s decision to disqualify Nawaz Sharif for life will only last until the retirement of the five judges who penned the verdict, Maryam Nawaz said on Monday.

She was speaking at the Social Media Convention organised by the PML-N in Sialkot.

She said that the decision was an act of retribution, adding that Sharif was no stranger to such decisions and this would also not be the first time he would be facing imprisonment.
But such decisions against popular leaders were relegated to the dustbin of history, she said.

According to her, the decision proved Sharif’s popularity.

She said some elements realised that they could not defeat Sharif in elections, so they got him disqualified for life.

She wondered what level of popularity earned Sharif debarment not once, not twice but four times in the same case.

Every time, she said, these elements tried to eliminate Sharif from politics, he emerged as a more powerful leader.

Maryam said that this decision reminded her of Musharaf, who jailed Sharif for life.

Elements, she said, pronouncing such decisions should remember that people fully realised the actual situation.

Sharif’s innocence, she said, had been established by the prosecutions star witness in the accountability case, Wajid Zia, who ‘confessed’ before the court that he had no evidence of any receivable pay against Nawaz Sharif in the Iqama case.

Maryam said that Wajid Zia had also ‘confessed’ that 40 unknown individuals were working to find evidence against Nawaz Sharif. She asked who were those 40 men.

People, she said, would now form a JIT against this JIT to hold them accountable for their wrongdoings.

She said that schemers had believed that after disqualification, Nawaz would run, hide or submit.

Nawaz, she said, would never submit or run or make compromises.

Her father, Maryam said, bade his time patiently, attended all the hearings and cleverly exposed the vendetta-driven accountability process.

Plotters, she said, should know that the people would thwart all conspiracies and plots against Nawaz Sharif in elections, adding that these were not Senate election that could be micro-managed.

She said that she had personally witnessed forces working against PML-N in NA-120 by-election, adding that PML-N voters were even stopped from voting.

Despite such tactics, she said, PML-N had won. She said that they tried their best to stop their votes but they failed. She said that those who opposed PML-N had now shaken hands, alluding to Imran Khan and Asif Ali Zardari. Urging people to shout ‘Imran, Zardari, Bhai Bhai’ when they received PTI Chief Imran in Sialkot, she said that both stood against Nawaz Sharif.

She said that Nawaz Sharif was not fighting for himself but he was fighting for people’s rights and she was sure that people would respond to Nawaz Sharif no matter where he was, Raiwind or jail.