Details of terrorist training were found in a notebook of an ISIS member



In between the ruins of the city of Raqqa, which was destroyed by ISIS, a notebook was discovered that belongs to an ISIS terrorist and provides details about the ways the group planned for its survival and future operations, according to the “Christian Post”.

The bigger part of the notebook, 60 pages in total, is written in English and Arabic, and another part in French.

In some pages, the writer presents details of the ISIS terrorist training. “Because we spend a short time in camps (20 to 30 days), and to keep the camps safe, trainees can hardly master the use of various weapons. The process of teaching them is specially hard because they need to be talked to in different languages,” one part of booklet said.

In another part of this booklet, the ISIS member studies ways to influence and gather Muslims around the world, especially Mecca and Medina, and to finally add them to the group.

According to the notes, ISIS terrorists are always following political and global news.

The terrorist who wrote in the booklet also points to the fact that elements of ISIS hurt civilians as a mechanism to confront air strikes.

Craig Whiteside, a professor at the University of California, Monterrey, believes that “The ideas outlined in this notebook are generally similar to those that are taught at military training centers in the West. It seems that the terrorist has studied topics that we also studied at the military school.”

It is unclear what period of time the notes were written by the ISIS member.