Prime Minister Imran Khan invited to Tehran Summit of Asian Cooperation Dialogue


Pakistan’s newly-elected Prime Minister Imran Khan was formally invited to participate in the upcoming Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Summit to be held in Tehran, in October 2018. Both Pakistan and Iran are members of the organization. Iran currently holds the Chair of the organization.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif delivered the message of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani when he called on Imran Khan, inviting the Prime Minister for the upcoming Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Summit. 

“Welcoming the Foreign Minister, Prime Minister Imran Khan thanked the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s support for Kashmiri’s struggle for self-determination as well as for the manner in which Pakistan Independence Day was celebrated in Iran,” it added. 

The statement said Prime Minister thanked the Foreign Minister for the sincere wishes. Recalling his recent telephonic conversation with President Rouhani, Prime Minister Khan said that Pakistan and Iran were connected by inseparable bonds of historic, religious and cultural affinities. 

“He added that during his tenure, Pakistan would make all efforts to cement these relations in various areas to the benefit of both countries,” it said. 
The statement further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan also emphasized on restoring complete peace and stability in the region. 


“As land bridges between economically resource-rich regions, together with other regional partners, Pakistan and Iran remained the key to growth and prosperity in the region through enhancing connectivity and promoting people to people linkages,” he said. 

Referring to cancellation of blasphemous Dutch caricatures competition following Government of Pakistan’s strong condemnation and protest recently, the Prime Minister underlined the need for the Muslim countries to confront Islamophobia with one voice. 

“The love and respect of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), was part of every Muslim’s faith and no one could be allowed to disrespect it,” he said.
Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif left Pakistan for Tehran on Friday after conclusion of his two-day official visit.

The Iranian Foreign Minister was the first top foreign diplomat to visit Pakistan after the new government came into power earlier this month.