Opposition Senator concerned over pro-Saudi foreign policy of Pakistan


Former Chairman of Pakistan’s Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has expressed his concerns over reports that Saudi Arabia had been offered to build a city of oil in Gwadar and asked Imran Khan’s PTI-led government: “Is it the singular superpower you are trying to please?


Raza Rabbani who is incumbent Senator of Pakistan Peoples Party also asked the PTI government if they want to realign the foreign policy?”
He said it could not be done by off-the-cuff actions and statements. He stressed that parliament was the forum to take such decisions.


His statement reflected the feelings of a vast majority of Pakistanis who always detested Pakistan government’s illogical and imbalanced tilt to Saudi Kingdom and unjustifiable support to its war on Yemen.

Pakistanis have turned down the Saudi propaganda against Houthi Movement (Ansarullah) and their allied Yemenis because these Yemenis pose o threat to Makkah or Medina; hence no Muslim country should condemn those Yemenis who are resisting the Saudi-led military coalition that has imposed a unilateral war on Yemen.