Sexual Harassment and Blackmailing Scandal in BZU Multan: High Level Inquiry Commission Should be made –Aamir Hussaini



Assistan Professor in Forestry Department of Bahauddin Zakariya University-BZU located in Multan, Dr.Wasif Numan has been allegedly involved in sexual harassment and blackmailing the woman student through video filming.

Victim woman student told her four male class fellows about alleged sexual harassment and blackmailing of her teacher Wasif Numan and requested them to ask the said Assistant Professor to delete the blackmailing stuff and not to harass her again.


The said four male class fellows of the alleged victim went to Assistant Professor, Numan Wasif and asked her to delete the blackmailing stuff but he refused. After her refusal, four mail students picked up the said Assistant Professor and broght him to unidentified place. Where they not only recovered the video blackmailing stuff from the mobile of the picked up teacher of BZU Multan but sent that to some Police officials, members of University Management and to some journalists.


The said four University students were booked by Multan Police under kidnapping charges and they are now on bail.


It has been learnt that total 40 applications forwarded by women students against their teachers under sexual harassment, blackmailing are still pending and BZU management could not give any decision. Applicants say that they are being pressurized to withdraw from such applicants.



This is not first incident of sexual harassment and blackmailing with women students in the university.

Before this incident, a girl student of Saraiki Separtment has registered a FIR against lecturer Ajmal Mohar and student Ali Raza under rape, blackmailing through video stuff and the victim student girl had held a press conference in which she had alleged that very organized group in BZU Multan was raping and blackmailing the women students in the university. Police had been recovered blackmailing stuff from mobile of Ali Raza and Ajmal Mohar. An enquiry committee was formed against lecturer Ajmal Mohar but he was declared innocence in very dubious way.


Case is now under trial but accuser Marjan Bibi is not coming the court and it has been said that due to influence and extra-court settlement accuser is avoiding to come in the court.


Inquiry against the university lecturer, Ajmal Mohar was dropped because if he would be declared guilty then he would reveal some other names involved in alleged raping and blackmailing the women in university.


Protesting students and reliable sources in the university says that inquiry committee made by university management is partisan. Dr.Farzana, a member of the enquiry team against Dr.Wasif Numan has been alleged that she harassed and tortured a girl in women hostel infornt of other students and deleted  a video sent by Dr.Wasif to blackmail the her. That girl is on wheel chair and PhD student.


People allege that there is very powerful group present in management, academic staff association and in UTF, which is not only involved in sexual harassment but trying to save the alleged guilty assistant professor.


Some circles in the university say that former Vice Chancellors were aware of all this dirty thing but they did not take action against the alleged culprit group due to their power and influence.


Now majority in the university believes that there is organized gang, who is involved in targeting the women in university and running a network of sexual harassment and blackmailing. They think powerful elements from outside of the university are protecting and backing that organized criminal gang.


Students and teachers in majority say that Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chancellor, Federal Minister for Human Rights Shereen Mazari and head of National Human Rights Commission should take notice of this and high lever inquiry should be launched through high level inquiry commission.


Powerful civil society organizations like Women Action Forum, Aourat Foundation, Human Rights Commission for Pakistan should send fact finding mission to enquire this matter.