Who was the second missing pilot? Did Pakistan capture an Israeli pilot?


Shafaqna Pakistan: After Pakistan shot down second Indian jets the Pakistani military spokesperson and Pakistani PM in their statements made this public that Pakistan has captured 2 enemy pilots and then corrected the number by saying they only have “1 Indian pilot”. Indian government and media after that was claiming that 1 pilot was captured by Pakistan and the other one is now missing in action.

Now the news is circulating and confirmed by a senior Pakistani diplomat and a Pakistani news anchor that the second pilot in Pakistani custody is an Israeli pilot. On 28 Feb just after the Pakistan and India engaged in aerial dogfights this photo of Israeli pilots with Indian Air force pilots was tweeted by Israeli IDF reservist and a Pro-Israel commentator which confirms that Israeli pilots were present on ground in India. Pakistani intelligence agencies also reported the presence of Mossad and Israeli military operatives in Indian Rajasthan who were their to facilitate an Indian missile attack on two Pakistani cities Karachi and Bahwalpur.

According to senior Pakistani diplomat US is in talks with Pakistan to secure the release of Israeli pilot who was shot down and captured by Pakistani military. Faces of Israeli pilots were blurred to conceal their identity.