ALkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat hosts 3rd annual conference of Managers-Generals worked at offices of Shiite Endowment


Shafaqna Pakistan : The niche hall of Moslem Bin Aqeel (AS) witnessed launching 3rd annual conference of Managers- Generals worked at offices in Iraq affiliated to Shiite Endowment and it was held with the cooperation of Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat. The conference was held to discuss the suitable means for raising the work and to overcome the difficulties faced it. The conference was attended by the president of Shiite Endowment His Eminence Sayed. Ala’a Almussawi, The Director –General of the Directorate of holy threshold and Shiite shrines , Sayed. Musa Taqi Alkhulkhally and The Secretary –General of Alkuaf Grand Mosque Secretariat.

The conference, that held under the slogan ( For raising the level of performance at Shiite Endowment) , was opened bu reciting some verses of Holy Quran, then reading Surat Alfatiha on the souls of Iraq’s martyrs and after that the speech of president of Shiite Endowment Sayed. Almussawi and he confirmed on some axes related to the necessity of legalization of work because the Shiite Endowment is represented the legal office for whole official treatment.

His eminence stressed on the quickness of accomplishment the work , accuracy in performing it , following the correct means, and to not be late in making decisions linked to works of Shiite Endowment and citizens as well as he affirmed on selecting the efficacies and pre- planning where that comes to accord with Hadith of our Prophet Muhammad ( Peace Be Upon Him and his pure household) ” may Allah be merciful with a person perfectly work a good deadly). After Sayed.