Coca Cola lands in big trouble over ‘Extremist Pakistani’ Ad campaign


Shafaqna Pakistan:Recently, hashtag #ExtremistPakistani trended on Twitter and it was related to the latest advertisement campaign by Coca Cola company.

Later, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) had fined the multinational company with a ban on their ‘Extremist Pakistani’ TVC. The content of the ad implies that most Pakistanis are ‘extremist’.

A few days ago, Coca Cola company had released their latest ad on television and reacting to it, singer cum politician Jawad Ahmad hadtweeted link: “The new #Coke Ad is an ugly interpretation of the word ‘Extremism’. It shows how low can the marketing of a brand stoop to, just to make more money.

It is dumb & immature of the marketing team of Coke to use such a highly socially sensitive word so non-seriously just to sell their bottles.”

Several people had commented on Jawad’s post, mixed reactions were being seen.