Shafaqna Special : Did Asif Ali Zardari deceive opposition alliance in Senate Elections?


Shafaqna Pakistan: Opposition has faced a big blow against Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani backed by the PTI Government. 

In an no- Confidence resolution tabled against Sadiq Sanjrani Opposition failed to grasp its senate members leaving some turncoats leading to the survival of Chairman Senate.

Needing only 53 of the 64 senators’ votes to send Sanjrani packing, the opposition instead fell three short when the results of the secret ballot were announced.

After facing a humiliation in Senate vote, Opposition is blaming each other for having snakes in their sleeves meanwhile the opposition candidate Hasil Bazinjo also blamed spy agency for the debacle.

To some extent Hasil Bazinjo is very right as spy agency may not have helped Govt for horse trading but for using Asif Ali Zardari to help Govt in senate election, who is notorious for such deals.

This might be quid pro quo deal in which Asif Ali Zardari might have won some demands like relaxation from the NAB in cases.

Apart from this Asif Ali Zardari may have compromised senate elections on the guarantee that his party would not be dethroned in Sindh. It was also predicted that in case of Sanjrani’s departure Govt would initiate move to dislodge PPP Govt from Sindh.