Pakistan not ruling out possibility of Military tension with India over Occupied Kashmir


Shafaqna Pakistan: Pakistan  is not ruling out the possibility of military tensions with India   similar to those in February   in the wake of India   decision revoke a special status of Jammu   and Kashmir , Pakistan   Ambassador to Russia   Qazi Khalilullah told Sputnik in an interview.

Earlier this week, the Indian   government   its decision to strip Jammu   Kashmir of its special status and split   it into two union territories, prompting an outraged reaction from    . Prior to the most recent spike in tensions, relations between the two nations deteriorated dramatically back in February   when India   carried out an airstrike in the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir after a terrorist  attack   in Jammu   and Kashmir ‘s Pulwama district.

Our neighbor is unpredictable. So we have to remain ready to face any kind of situation … We also do not rule out the possibility that India   might stage another Pulwama-style incident to malign Pakistan  ,” Khalilullah said.

The diplomat noted, however, that Islamabad was pursuing a diplomatic approach to the latest developments around Kashmir .

“Pakistan   is a peace-loving country. We have a vision of a peaceful neighborhood. We want to resolve all   disputes, including the Jammu   and Kashmir [dispute] with India   through dialogue. Right now our focus is on diplomatic, political and legal options … We do not want to go towards a military option,” Khalilullah said.

The Kashmir region has been fought over between India   and Pakistan   since the end of British rule in the region in 1947. Following several armed conflicts, the two countries agreed to a ceasefire in 2003. Since, both sides have repeatedly accused each other of violating the truce, with continued instability in the region leading to the emergence of various extremist groups.

The tensions escalated dramatically after a February   14 terrorist   attack   on an Indian   military convoy in Jammu   and Kashmir ‘s Pulwama district in which more than 40 people were killed. The Pakistan-based terrorist   group Jaish-e-Mohammad claimed responsibility for the attack  .

Later in February ,India   carried out an airstrike in the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir , targeting what it said was a training camp belonging to the terrorist .