Shafaqna Exclusive: Hajj Sermon, Islamic military alliance and Kashmir


Shafaqna Pakistan: So the Pakistan’s diplomacy has shown its worst on Kashmir issue . Arab allies have just shown door to Pakistan. 

It is since long Gulf allies have been the corner stone of Pakistan’s diplomacy and Pakistan has made several time a pledge to safeguard Saudia against any external threat but Kashmir issue has given a great lesson to Pakistan if she wants to learn it.

Though the weak and stereotypical response of Saudia was enough to convey Pakistan that Arab’s are not interested in Pakistan’s narrative on Kashmir.

The Hajj Sermon has fortified Saudia’s stance on Kashmir. Even the Hajj Sermon which is no more than an official statement of Saudi Monarchs did not bother to mention Indian atrocities on Kashmiri Muslims. It s clear the who ordered not to speak on Modi’s cruelty on kashmir?

Then there comes the 34 nations military alliance who is led by a Pakistani ex- Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif. The alliance has done nothing except to fight out Royal war in Yemen. Even the Saudia has sold out Palestine in the hands of Israel but IMA is watching the show. Thus expecting anything from such a Royal military boogieman is like living the paradise of fools.

Same is the case with OIC, which is also not interested in kashmir issue because OIC’s Gulf members are more interested in trade ties with India than focusing on the plight of Muslim’s in the world. Inviting Sushma Swara in external affair’s conference is one of the example.

Thus all this shows that Arab’s are no more interested in the plight of Muslims in the world rather they are interested in increasing their influence in the region by countering Iran. It is time for Pakistan to learn a lesson.

Shafaqna Pakistan