Modi’s bid to wage war against Pakistan


Shafaqna Pakistan: The Indian army is making attempts to produce a doctored video, in which a fake skirmish with Pakistan will be shown, diplomatic sources said on Tuesday.

Sources said that the Indian army will make a video of the fake skirmish inside the held Kashmir and make it appear as if it’s across the Line of Control. The Indian army has installed posts and Pakistani flags for the production of fake skirmish video.

Sources said that the doctored video of skirmish is to divert attention from the ongoing violence in held Kashmir since its special status was revoked. Pakistan’s top leadership, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, had hinted about India producing another fake story such as the surgical strikes (in 2016) and the Pulwama attack, to pin blame on Pakistan. The surgical strikes were widely debunked by the international media.

Sometime ago, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had clearly warned about India attempting to produce another propaganda video. “I want to turn the world’s attention to our fear that India can conduct a new false flag operation. There can be a drama like Pulwama 2 to divert the attention of the world,” he said.