Shafaqna special: Israeli Pilot, Haaretz and Pakistan


Shafaqna Pakistan: In February when Pakistan shot down two Indian jets, It also claimed to arrest an Indian pilot which was later returned to India. 

At that time some corners also claimed that it was not one but Pakistan had taken two pilots into its custody but India demanded only one pilot because other pilot belonged to Israel.

However, it was just and absurd news as Pakistan had no Israeli pilot in her custody neither Israel was so foolish to send her pilot against Pakistan.

Once again on Social media a headline of Israel’s leading newspaper ” Haaretz” has attracted the world, which says” Return our pilot”. However it is once again a fabricated news because of the following reasons.

India and Israel are not so foolish and also Pakistan, if Pakistan had it in custody it might have shown the world that how Israel is conspiring against Pakistan. While India would have also paid a great effort to take back Israeli pilot than her own.  If Israeli pilot would have been captured by Pakistan during Air Strikes in Pakistan by India, India would have reacted differently. Rather than threatening Pakistan, It would use backdoor channels to return that Pilot.

Apart from this Pakistan never claimed to have any Israeli pilot in her custody. Pakistan might have some Israeli spies in her custody but no pilot, so this is just a fake news.

Shafaqna Pakistan