Shafaqna Exclusive: Will increasing Indian threat push Pakistan towards normalization of ties with Israel?


Shafaqna Pakistan: Pakistan is among few Muslim countries that have not recognized Israel yet. On Pakistani passports it is clearly mentioned that it is valid for all the countries of the World except Israel. 

Israel also considers Pakistan as its top enemy and covertly continuously trying to weaken Pakistan with the help of India.

Once Pakistan’s ex-dictator General Pervez Musharraf was a great advocate of recognizing Israel and normalizing ties with Jews. Even in his latest statement Musharraf has clearly voiced  making relations with Israel to counter India.

Mentioning his initiatives for making contacts with Israeli leadership with the help of Turkey in 2005, the former army chief said that Israeli leadership had responded within 24 hours of his meeting’s offer. He assumed that Israel wants to create better relations with Pakistan.

Now after Kashmir debacle number of voices from media, intelligentsia, social media and Government’s offices are coming out in favor of Israel to push India back.

These voices are of the opinion that if Arab and Gulf countries can normalize ties with Israel why Pakistan cannot?

Similarly some quarters has mentioned the award to Modi by Palestinian president Mehmud Abbas back in February 2018. Some columnists have also mentioned Iran’s factor as they say that despite Iran is a strong opponent of Israel it has good ties with India which is close ally of Israel, thus Pakistan should forget the concept of Ummah and seek her own interests.

Similarly many social media users have also mentioned increasing ties between Israel and Saudia and also heavy trade ties between Turkey and Israel.

All this shows that Pakistan may fall into Israel’s lap despite its opposition since last seven decades and Israel has been long waiting for this.

It would infact a great loss to Muslim Countries if Pakistan seeks normalization of ties with Jewish state. If Muslim countries do not stand with Pakistan against Indian oppression, Pakistan may have no other option left but it would be self destructive for herself as well.

Shafaqna Pakistan