UAE-Saudi pledge silences critics in Yemen and abroad


Shafaqna Pakistan:The UAE and Saudi Arabia’s recent pledge to remain united in their fight against Al Houthi militants in Yemen is a testament to their resolve in continuing in what they set out to achieve when they joined the war in 2015.

The Arab coalition, which the UAE and Saudi Arabia comprise of the key members, was invited to Yemen by the internationally-recognised government of Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi after he was overthrown from power.


Since then, the coalition has made monumental gains and also sacrifices in keeping up with their goal to eliminate Iran’s ability to gain a foothold in the Gulf region.

Recent attempts to undermine the unity of the coalition were staunchly rejected by both Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

In a joint statement issued by the foreign ministries of both countries, they denounced anti- UAE “distortion campaigns” that have claimed the UAE support for Yemeni Southern Transitional Council Forces’ seizure of state institutions in the southern city of Aden, the seat of the government.

The governments of the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on their responsibilities in the alliance supporting legitimacy in Yemen to save Yemen and its people from the coup of the Iran-supported Al Houthi militia, emphasise the continuation of all their political, military, relief and development efforts with the participation of the coalition’s countries,” the statement said.

The two countries also called on the Yemeni sides to cooperate with a UAE-Saudi committee set up by the alliance to stabilise a ceasefire in Yemen after recent fighting between the government and separatists in the southern cities of Aden, Abyan and Ataq.

In fact, criticisms launched against the UAE are both unfounded and dismissive of the great sacrifices the UAE has made for the good of the Yemeni people.

Not only has the UAE been a committed member, along with Saudi Arabia, for the past four years, the UAE has dedicated massive financial resources and many of its own soldiers on the ground, several of whom have been martyred, paying the ultimate sacrifice.

As a key member of the coalition, the UAE believes in restoring the legitimate government.

While the decision to join the war came with a string of challenges, the UAE bravely stepped up to the task for the greater good of the region and the international community.

Leaving Yemen to be ruled by Iran-backed militants would only serve to further destabilise the region and the world.