Deobandi cleric condemns UAE and Bahrain for Modi award


Shafaqna Pakistan: Deobandi cleric Mufti Naeem has condemned the UAE and Bahrain monarchies for awarding highest civil awards to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Most importantly, Deobandi school of thought has never said anything against GCC monarchies.

Notably, their central authority remains Drul Uloom Deoband in India and that has supported Modi government on Kashmir related measures.

However, Mufti Naeem defied and issued an unexpected and surprising statement.

Furthermore, he said that United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have betrayed Muslim Ummah and Islam.

Moreover, he cited ongoing campaign aimed at recognition of Israel by Muslim countries.

Mufti Naeem lamented that instead of helping oppressed Kashmiris, UAE and Bahrain honoured their killer Modi.

He also cited Quranic verses that forbid such relations which UAE and Bahrain have with India.