World reaction would have been much stronger if Kashmiris were not Muslims: PM Imran


Shafaqna Pakistan : Cities around Pakistan came to a standstill today as thousands rallied in mass demonstrations protesting New Delhi’s brutalities in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) in the most ambitious public protests targeting India in years.

At noon, sirens rang out across the country followed by broadcasts of the national anthems of Pakistan and Kashmir, while traffic ground to a halt for several minutes in solidarity with the rallies.

In the capital Islamabad, thousands gathered on Constitution Avenue in front of the government offices where Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation and vowed to continue fighting for Kashmir until the disputed Himalayan territory was “liberated”.

“We are with them in their testing times. The message that goes out of here today is that as long as Kashmiris don’t get freedom, we will stand with them,” he said, while launching into a blistering attack on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and comparing his administration to the Third Reich in Nazi Germany.

We have to understand the ideology of the BJP and RSS. The RSS believes Hindus are superior to all others – their manifesto is to either force Muslims out of India or treat them as third-class citizens. The RSS rhetoric has captured India just like the Nazi party held Germany hostage,” he said.

The premier said the entire world should have already taken a stand for Kashmiris but religion proved a decisive factor. “Unfortunately, the world tends to remain silent when those being oppressed are Muslims. The world’s reaction would have been much stronger if Kashmiris were not Muslims,” said PM Imran.

He said India was planning a ‘false flag’ attack to escalate the situation but warned New Delhi that Pakistan would respond with greater force if that happened. “We are warning the world that India will do something grave in Azad Kashmir,” he said.

“I want to tell you, Narendra Modi, that we will give a befitting response. Our armed forces are ready,” PM Imran told the rally.

“The world needs to realise that India’s toxic ideology will eventually affect everyone. They can choose to stay silent right now but they will face the problem down the line. The international community must know that any conflict between two nuclear-armed countries will be destructive for the entire world,” said the PM.