Shafaqna Insight: What is the secrete game plan of US and Israel behind Kashmir issue?


Kashmir Valley, Ladakh and Jammu have been officially made part of India and the venture was backed by US and Israel.

There are plans to convert this region into most beautiful resort and educational centre. This idea was floated by Zalmey Khalilzad few months ago, and had said that the world richest families and corporations would fund the gigantic project. Oil rich Arab states would buy lands and make heavy investments.

Behind the facade of a world resort, which will be controlled and administered by India, the US and Israeli will establish military bases. The region is ideally located and besides natural beauty and best weather, it overlooks Russia, China, Eurasian belt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Middle East. It provides access to most precious stones in GB, and above all, control over entry point of CPEC.

It is this game plan which impelled Trump and Netanyahu to push Modi to integrate IOK into Indian Union. Other major powers in Europe and Arab world were taken into confidence. This is evident from the disinterest shown by those who matter. Trump for all practical purposes has wriggled out of his pledge of mediation on Kashmir. His recent meeting with Modi said it all.

So far no relief has been provided to the 8 million Kashmiris locked up in biggest jail. UN peacekeepers should have got deployed in Kashmir valley by now to stop the genocide, torture and rape.

The venture has been undertaken under the cover of eradicating Islamic radicalism, ensuring peace and making the poverty stricken region prosperous.

In the emerging scenario in which all dots are falling at right places, the only missing links are China and Russia, both fearful of Islamic radicalism, whether they are part of the game or not. If not, the scheme will be opposed.

The other puzzle is Pakistan’s stance, how it intends to deal with the altered situation in which it has been outwitted and put on defensive.

People are asking as to why the govt is not understanding the gravity of the obtaining situation and is still expecting something good from the UN, Trump and Arab States and taking things in lighter vein.

Why it took the PM 21 days to address the nation? In the address, the only hope extended to the marooned Kashmiris was to keep the diplomatic front activated in order to expose Modi and his regime. Or to stand up in silence on Friday to express our concern.

As a minimum, Simla agreement should have been abrogated and LoC declared as ceasefire line. Airspace for Indian commercial flights should be closed. Trade route to Afghanistan closed. A case should be moved against Modi, Doval, Amit, Rajnath for war crimes trial by ICJ.

UN should be pressed to send UN peacekeeping force and a human rights investigation team to IOK forthwith. A govt in exile of J&K headed by Syed Geelani as PM formed and recognized by Pakistan. AJK to be activated as an operational base. Freedom fighters in IOK armed and reined in Jihadis liberated. Possibilities of entry points from Afghanistan and China explored.

Proxies activated in selective restive regions of India. All our leaders should show their claws and teeth and their eagerness to pounce upon India irrespective of the consequences. We have otherwise been declared most dangerous country of the world. Let us now tell the world that we are dangerous and unless you do something to stop the genocide and make Modi reverse his decision, we will act most fiercely.

Political gimmicks, sweet words, diplomatic charm, pep talks and promises would be worthless. It is time to act and act soon as we have already wasted 21 days.

There is a dire need to keep the hopes of the Kashmiris alive and their movement galvanized and also to provide them relief, and also to hurt India.

Asif Haroon