Labour MP urges UK foreign secretary to ‘intervene immediately’ in occupied Kashmir


Shafaqna Pakistan:Thousands of Pakistanis and Kashmiris in the United Kingdom (UK) staged a protest rally against continuous siege and curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) on Friday.

Other foreign citizens living in the UK also joined the protest to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

The protesters, while carrying flags of Pakistan and Kashmir chanted slogans for the liberation of Kashmiris.

While addressing the protesters, Labour Party Deputy Leader and Member British Parliament MP Tom Watson said that the Labour Movement stands with the oppressed people of Kashmir.

He urged the British Foreign Secretary to intervene immediately to ensure the communication blackout is lifted and food, water and healthcare services are resumed in IoK.

Liam Byrne MP said that the Kashmiri struggle is a grave issue and they must be given the right to self-determination as per United Nations (UN) resolutions.

“The Kashmir issue is both, political and humanitarian. We should settle it to save humanity,” he said.

Shabana Mahmood MP said that world should come forward to restore the basic necessities of Kashmiris in IoK who are facing acute shortage of medicines and life-saving drugs, as the whole region is under siege since August 5.

Jack Dromey MP said while addressing the protesters that Kashmiris must be given their rights as per world commitment made by them with Kashmiris on the different global forums.

The siege ought to be lifted immediately. We should settle Kashmir dispute on a humanitarian basis to ensure permanent peace and security in South Asia,” he added.

The MEP Phil Bennion said that they will raise the issue in European Parliament to end the sufferings of the people on IoK, urging the Indian government to settle the dispute as per the wishes of Kashmiris.

President Tehreek-e-Kashmir (TeK) UK, Raja Fahim Kayani said that the silence of world powers over the killing of innocent Kashmiris is a crime against humanity, saying the people of IoK look towards the democratic UK for the implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmiris being granted their right to self-determination.

Ranjit Singh Serai World Sikh Parliament and Senior Councillors Ian Ward, Waseem Zaffar, Robert Alden, Sharon Thompson and Muhammad Yaseen were also present at the protest.

While addressing the protesters, they said that it is time for the world to come forward for the dying humanity in IoK, where children do not have access to milk and food since August 5.

They unanimously demanded urgent intervention by the international community whilst expressing solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

Later, the protesters marched from the Birmingham City Centre to the Indian Consulate.

Raja Amjad Khan and Qamar Abbas President TeK led the rally.

Women and children were also part of the march.