Students Protest Against Comical NUMS & NTS Errors in Admission Tests


Shafaqna Pakistan: Poor management of National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) for this year’s admission test has infuriated aspiring candidates who have launched a protest against the varsity.

Social media platforms, especially Twitter, is rife with the posts bashing NUMS for poor management of the entry test.

Candidates were found complaining about the use of cheap quality paper, third-class printing, poor test timing, and pathetic management. The wrong test key has further brought students on their heels.

Students are demanding a re-conduct of the entry test, claiming that the key uploaded by the National Testing Service (NTS) was wrong.

The testing service made some pointless blunders while issuing test slips to the students. Here is a video showing how male candidates’ sheet had female candidates’ pictures on them.

Reportedly, the testing service has uploaded four different keys to the test paper so far, all of them failing to match. Feeling the heat of the protest, NTS has now issued a new schedule for redressal of the students’ .

It has issued the following schedule according to which provisional result will be announced on 8th September; queries will be accepted till 12th September while the final result will be announced the next morning on 13th.