Ijaz Shah says Nawaz Sharif is prisoner of NAB, denies any deal


Federal Interior Minister Ijaz Shah said he has no information regarding a deal with former premier Nawaz Sharif. He said sellers of Kashmir cause have been sent to jails.

Talking to media, he said Nawaz Sharif is a prisoner of NAB and Bureau will decide his destiny. He said the Kashmir issue raised by this government has no example in past.

Separately, in an interview, he said the world has changed entirely after 9/11 and there is no place for a terrorist in Pakistan.

He said there would be no deal with Maulana Fazl ur rehman. He said PTI has no threat of any other party.

He said Sahrif family should be indicted in judge video scandal, adding that Zardari would not have been in jails if did not commit a crime.

He said police system in the country would be improved and conditions would be much better in next few years.


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