Shahid Khaqan Abbasi gets parole in LNG case


Former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was granted parole in the LNG case on Monday. He was taken into NAB custody on July 18. 

An accountability court heard the application on Monday.

The application was filed by his sister Sadia Abbasi on humanitarian grounds. Abbasi’s family wants him to attend the funeral prayers of his uncle, Brigadier Muhammad Taj, who served as the former chairperson of Muree Kahute Development Authority. The application said that the “deceased was a father figure to his family as his own father died in 1989”.

The prayers will be held today (Monday) in Deval Sharif village of Tehsil Murree, District Rawalpindi, at 5pm.

The PML-N leader’s release is dependent on district administrations of Islamabad and Rawalpindi agreeing to provide security personnel for foolproof security of Abbasi and NAB staff, said Judge Mohammad Bashir in the court order.

NAB prosecutor Sohail Arif had argued that there is no law that allows Abbasi to attend the funeral ceremony, adding that the investigation will be hampered if he is given permission to do so.

The bureau has been investigating Abbasi in the LNG corruption case. He has been accused of handing over a tender worth Rs220 billion to a company in which he was a shareholder himself during his tenure as federal petroleum minister. His name is also on the Exit Control List.

If he is granted parole, Abbasi would be able to leave jail but his movements would be restricted.