Whom India is going to defend?



Approximately India which accounts for the highest number of people suffering from hunger in any single country, said a report published on The Times of India. The global number of malnourished people fell by 216 million in the early 90s and 2015, from over a billion to 795 million. However, India’s contribution in this reduction has been small as her number fell by just 15.5 million. long with the Millennium Development Goal (MDG), India missed the goal set up at the World Food Summit (WFS) in 1996 when various governments pledged to reduce the number of undernourished people by 2015.  The report has diminished the image of shining India. India has been considered as the world’s emerging economies but the condition of the layman in India has highly deteriorating.

It is worth mentioning that country that federal budget for 2015/16, of India will rise   to 2.47 trillion Indian rupees ($40.07 billion). For the current fiscal year, the allocation was 2.29 trillion rupees, a jump of 12 percent over the previous year. India is already the world’s largest weapon’s importer (in 2013, New Delhi spent $6 billion on buying equipment), largely due to a moribund domestic defense industry. India is expected to spend $100 billion over the next decade on a defense upgrade program. The Modi government, which made military modernization one of its top priorities, in August 2014 increased the stakes that foreign defense contractors were allowed to hold in joint defense ventures from 26 percent to 49 percent.

It is quite unfortunate that India is constantly increasing its defence budget but a major chunk of its population is undernourished. The question is that by increasing defence budget whom India is going to defend? To already dead of hunger ?