Disappointed as a human by world’s silence on Kashmir: PM Imran Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that he was extremely disappointed by the world’s silence on the deteriorating Kashmir situation, “not as a prime minister but as a human”.

Khan was addressing the media in New York, where he is leading the Pakistani delegation to the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

He said, “The world would not have stayed quiet, had the same thing happened to 8 million Europeans”.

The prime minister also announced that there will be no talks with India until the article 370 is restored.

“After the 5th August, what’s the point in talking now,” he said. “There will be no talks with India until it lifts curfew and restores article 370.”

Khan said he spoke with Indian Premier Narendra Modi after he came to power last year and he told him that the two countries faced similar issues like poverty and unemployment.

“This is the time for world to act,” he said, urging the world leaders to look beyond the “big markets”.

“Two nuclear armed countries are going to come to face to face.”

The Pakistan premier said he spoke to President Trump, British Premier Boris Johnson and other leaders about Kashmir, and urged them to help resolve the dispute.

Criticizing the BJP-led government in India, he said that New Delhi doesn’t consider Muslims “equal Indian citizens”.

Khan said India had made Kashmir “an open jail”, adding that the annexation of the disputed territory was even against the Indian constitution.

He said the August 5 move was aimed at changing the demography of the disputed region, adding, “It is considered a war crime”.

Khan also branded the Indian prime minister a “racist” and a “Hindu supremacist”. “India today is governed by a racist, a Hindu supremacist,” he said.

He also said that President Trump and the Saudi crown prince had asked to help deescalate tensions with Iran.

“I spoke with Iranian President Rouhani after the meeting with Trump,” the Pakistan premier said. “I am hoping that there is no conflict.”