Stealing the Public wealth



pakApropos hype over proposal by a controversial real estate tycoon for establishment of a Businessmen Welfare project. Mere statements and proposals for hypothetical welfare projects are nothing but hot air, unless those who proclaim to be philanthropists, pay their taxes, so necessary for state to function and perform its constitutional regulatory function and mandatory welfare projects for most deprived sections of society. What was the fate of other such publicized projects which were announced with fanfare?
According to findings of judicial commission, appointed by SC and headed by Suddle, this tycoon owes state almost over Rs 119 billion in tax evasion. How unfortunate for Pakistan, that its sovereignty is bargained by bowing to dictates of donor agencies but almost $379 million is transferred to Dubai by affluent Pakistanis in just three months and prominent public office holders, both elected and paid, civil and uniformed, are involved in what amounts, in other countries, to a conspiracy against state or treason.
There is no rocket science involved in analyzing why fraudsters and conman thrive in this country, and why criminal economy is a booming tax free business and organizations like Axact flourish, and the ease with which billions are transferred out of Pakistan by few, while poor middle class expatriates working in Gulf, Mid-East and Far-East transfer their hard earned savings to feed their families back home are taxed.