Pakistan will stand by Kashmir even if the world doesn’t


Prime Minister Imran Khan left New York on a commercial flight Saturday and arrived in Islamabad at 4:30pm on Sunday. He visited Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah before that. 

The premier walked out of the plane and into the airport surrounding by a security detail, his cabinet and a large number of supporters. They surrounded him and tried to take pictures of him. A massive number of people also gathered at the Islamabad Airport to greet the prime minister. When he walked out of the airport, he was greeted with shouts and roaring cheers.

Addressing the crowd at the airport, flanked by his cabinet, Prime Minister Khan said I want to thank my nation, the way you prayed for me and the rest of us, that we are able to raise our voices for Kashmiris. He also thanked his wife, the First Lady, because she prayed for him a lot.

First of all, remember that we are standing with Kashmir and whether the world stands by Kashmir or not, Pakistan will stand with it, he said, calling this a jihad.

We are standing with them because we want to please Allah, he said. There are eight million people who have been placed are under curfew by the Indian Army, he reminded the crowd. The struggle has highs and lows, those highs and lows are called a struggle, he said. There are good times and bad times, he said, but you you cannot falter in the bad times.

You can’t falter, because Kashmiris are looking to you and as long as you are standing by them, they will struggle, said PM Khan. God willing, they will win their independence, he said.

When you struggle, there are highs and lows but do not get scared in the bad times, he reminded people. If you get scared, the women, children, elderly and the youth of Kashmir, they’re all looking to you, he said.

I said I am their ambassador, said PM Khan, renewing his vow to raise the Kashmir issue on every forum he could. We will unveil Modi’s fascist government, he vowed.

Lastly, the people who has been with me for 20 years, I’ve told them all one thing: human’s try and God ensures success.

A 360-foot-long flag has been prepared and is being held aloft for the premier.

Ahead of his departure, the premier met UN Secretary General António Guterres and discussed the Kashmir issue.

According to Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the premier had 70 meetings during his trip to the US. He met world leaders, think tanks and editorial boards. The minister held 50 meetings of his own.

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He was supposed to leave New York on September 28 but the plane he was on developed technical issues and had to return to New York’s John F Kennedy airport. He was on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s plane.

Five hours after it took off, it had to turn back over Toronto because a fault in the navigation system, according to Qureshi. The delegation spent the night at a hotel in New York before departing on a commercial flight on Saturday evening.

The prime minister’s adviser on trade, Abdul Razzak Dawood, called the trip a success in terms of business and trade. We discussed CPEC very little here, he said, adding that CPEC has its own dynamics. God willing, CPEC will remain like this, he said